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Sports massage

Whether you are training for a marathon, swimming challenge or tennis match, your muscles can feel tight and sore. Repeated use of some muscle groups can sometimes lead to injury e.g a muscle tear or a ligament sprain.

Sports massage is a soft tissue (muscle) treatment that aims to locate and treat muscles that feel tight or recovering from injury e.g. a muscle tear. Treatment can sometimes involve a focused, often deep, manipulation of the muscles. There is sometimes some discomfort felt as this manipulation is carried out. Whilst this may feel uncomfortable at first, this is something that many people adapt to.

This type of treatment can also be beneficial to people who require soft tissue manipulation as a result of postural issues. Some types of employment involve repetitive movements e.g loading boxes or static postures e.g. working at a computer, that may result in areas of the body feeling tight or aching.

Often, people who want a sports massage require ongoing maintenance treatment, that helps to improve flexibility and maintain a range of movements. This type of treatment also helps your body to rid itself of waste products that may build up during intense exercise.

Holistic massage

Often known as Swedish massage, this type of treatment aims to relax your body and mind, producing a feeling of wellbeing and restfulness. The massage is not as deep as a sports massage and greater areas of the body are often treated.

This type of massage may be beneficial to you if you have areas of your body that feel hold tension e.g. the neck or back areas. It may also benefit you if you do not feel tension in your muscles, but are experiencing stress in your life as the massage is relaxing rather than invigorating. It is probably best to have a Swedish massage at a time of the day when you are able to relax afterwards.

As a Swedish massage helps to gently open your blood vessels, hormones that relax the body are released. You may find that your pulse is slowing and that you feel a sense of tranquility. It is not unusual to feel yourself drifting off and feeling sleepy during a Swedish massage. This is very normal!

You will receive specific guidance regarding what to expect following a Swedish massage. Advice about post massage action is also provided.


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